“Outstanding. Stayed in caravan for 10 days. Archery is fantastic. Staff at Perriswood are brilliant.” 
The Williams family, Loughor. 15th April 2010.


“Brilliant! Loved it! Thanks for helping me show Matt that if he makes me cross, I won’t miss! LOL! Xxx”
Ann Bonnel, North Wales. 13th March 2010.


We have been coming here for 4 or 5 years now and we always have a fabulous time. Very friendly staff, amazing birds and great fun.”
The Sweatman family, South Gloucestershire. 5th September 2009.


“Very entertaining, thanks so much. I’m coming back soon for archery.”
Ella Westacott, aged 12. 20th August 2009.


“I had fun in archery because the bit where you aim was fun.”
Caitlin, aged 7 from Swansea. 15th August 2009.


Fantastic time had by all – kids loved the archery and brilliant bird display, loved every minute – Thank You!”
The Mayheurs family, Chislehurst. 10th August 2009.


“Very enjoyable! Loved Jo-Jo, the Cockatoo!”
The Ray family, Bristol. 1st August 2009.


“A wonderful reminder of one of the oldest sports. We enjoyed it so much that my daughter and I want to take it up (if we can find somewhere in London!!).”
Michael Keane, London. 18th February 2009.


“Very enjoyable and professional display. Beautiful birds in a wonderful location.”
Pete and Tina, Portsmouth. 19th September 2008.


“Excellent visit, the archery and the birds were fascinating. And the tea was great too. Great value for money Thank You!”
The Jackson family, Cheshire. 26th August 2008.


“Good fun for all ages, what a fantastic visit. Great taster session on the archery and the birds of prey were amazing. Thanks!”
Claire Callendine, East Yorkshire. 14th August 2008.


“This is the very very very very very very very very very very very very best in the world!” 
Grace Faulkner, aged 8 from Manchester. 2nd June 2008.