About us

Brian Williams and his family have lived at Perriswood Farm for over 200 years. In 2004 Brian decided to diversify into teaching archery. The centre originally started off with 7 bows and 2 targets in one of the fields; over the years the centre has developed and today Perriswood can have up to 80 people shooting at one time!

By spring 2007 it was decided that changing the way that archery is taught wasn’t enough and Brian struck out to bring birds of prey to the masses. This newer side to the business has resulted in a great success and one of the most heard comments from our visitors is how very few falconry centres let members of the public so close to their birds.

Brian and the rest of the team at Perriswood are dedicated to offering fun and exciting new experiences to members of the public; so who knows what the future will bring.....!